MindMobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth Car Charger


1. Mobile Phone Reminder:

Upon entering the car and starting the engine, the MindMobile will search for the paired phone. If none is detected, it will sound a reminder tone and flash red LED.

When the phone is nearby but not in the car, the MindMobile’s alert is triggered when the car is driven away.

2.  Car Finder:

After the car is parked and the engine turned off, the MindMobile automatically sends a message to the paired Smartphone to mark the parking location.

To find the parked car, simply tap “Locate” in the MindMobile app to bring up the map with the marked location.

.   Parking Date and Time Stamp Features:

The MindMobile also marks down the Date and Time when the car was parked.  Tap on the Red pin on the maps to check the date and time parked.  Tap on the Blue dot to check the current location.


3.  Mobile Car Charger:

The MindMobile includes a USB port capable of 5VDC, 1.2A to charge your mobile devices.


Note:  * Make sure the phone is ON and the Bluetooth setting is enable.

  * The MindMobile App need to be ON and running on the background. 



1. Download MindMobile App to your mobile phone:


Click here to download free app:

2. Pairing your phone with the MindMoble:

* Plug the MindMobile to your car cigarette socket.  Turn on the car ignition switch.  Wait for 10 to 15 seconds, the MindMobile’s Red LED will blink and the buzzer will ring 3 times.

* Make sure that the Bluetooth is enable on your phone. Place the phone close to the MindMoble and open the MindMobile App on the phone.   The pop up screen will show ‘Allow “MindMobile” to access your location even when you are not using the app? …’ Select “Allow”.


* When the map show up, tap the ‘Option’ button on the top right. The MindMobile Pairing Screen will show up.  Tap on the “MindMobile” under the “New devices”.

The MindMobile ID will show up under the “Paired devices”;  you will hear the connection beep from the buzzer and the Green LED will turn On.  the pairing is done.  Tap ‘MindMobile’ on the Top Left to go back to the Map.



Your MindMobile Device and App is now ready to use.



* In order for the Cell Phone Reminder and Car Finder function to work, the MindMobile app need to be on. It use Bluetooth Low Energy and will consume minimum battery power so it can be running on the back ground.

* Make sure the Bluetooth function is enable on your Smartphone.

* When the iPhone iOS updated to the new version or the iPhone has been reset, the MindMobile App needs to be manually tapped on to activate it again.

* The current version of MindMobile BT Charger is for the car cigarette socket with power on/off controlled by the ignition key.